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Once upon a time, right where you stand today, existed a world unimaginably different from ours. There were no towering buildings reaching for the sky, no cars bustling along roads, no furry friends frolicking around, and no one enjoying delicious ice cream treats. Not even parents, nor their little ones. And for good reason! Because in that ancient epoch, it was colossal dinosaurs that ruled supreme!

In modern-day Skåne, fossils of these ancient marvels are unearthed regularly. Two hundred million years ago, even the fearsome Dilophosaurus roamed these lands. Stretching six meters from nose to tail, this predatory dinosaur prowled on two legs, armed with razor-sharp teeth, ready to conquer all in its path.

At Dino World, visitors have the chance to encounter some of the most iconic creatures of yesteryear – all in their true-to-life size. With breathtaking detail and lifelike movements that seem to suspend time, guests are transported back to an era lost to history.

Captivating Creatures
Dinosaurs captivate children’s imaginations, perhaps because they perceive the world in extremes of size. These qualities spark their curiosity. So, the entire family will be enthralled and enlightened by this immersive, true-to-scale world, providing a fleeting opportunity to stroll hand in hand with the ancient past.

About the exhibition

Specially designed for children and families, the Dino World adventure exhibition has several interactive elements. It explains the phenomena that led to the evolution of different types of dinosaurs, all specific to each of the seven continents – until the impact of the meteorite wiped out the majestic species forever.

The mix of educational and experiential elements has attracted thousands of visitors worldwide every year.

Meet as many as 30 dinosaurs

You’ll meet our dinosaurs in life-size and lifelike environments.

These impressive creatures take us on a journey to a bygone world where giant lizards once ruled. While viewing them in their natural size, we get a sense of their enormous scale and power, while admiring the details of their appearance and behavior.

Experiential learning

We invite all children to explore and discover the fun and exciting world of science using our Discovery Map.

Together with their parents, or other adults, children can carry out missions around the exhibition, which is a much appreciated and educational activity. The aim is to stimulate children’s knowledge and learning in an engaging way.


In the cinema, you will get a fascinating insight into how dinosaurs evolved over millions of years. Through an exciting visual journey, we take you on a time travel through the epochs, following their evolutionary journey and seeing how they adapted to different environments and changes on Earth.

Virtual Reality

In the “Dino World” exhibition, visitors can experience an exciting Virtual Reality (VR) adventure that transports them back to the time of the dinosaurs. Through VR goggles, they are immersed in a virtual world where they encounter giant dinosaurs and explore their natural habitats. Sound, motion, and 3D effects create a realistic experience, placing visitors in an era otherwise only found in history books. It’s a memorable and engaging experience for all dinosaur enthusiasts.

Gift shop

Explore our fine selection of exciting souvenirs from this unique experience. Whether it’s a toy, a book or another dinosaur-related item, there’s something for all ages and interests.